Projects & Seminars


We organize and conduct various seminars and conferences for companies at our BASIS Mountain property. Here you have the facility to conduct indoor and outdoor seminars or team building activities. Amongst others, we conduct Seminars on Yoga & Meditation, Holistic health, Ayurveda, Bio-Energy, Nutrition, Cooking, Indian Music, Dances  and much more. If you are interested to either conduct a seminar with us please do get in touch with us at If you are interested to bring your own instructor/ seminar coordinator for your team outing, we shall offer you a special rate for your instructor.


Sustainable tourism takes the responsibility of ensuring that the environment and society are not adversely affected in any way by tourism. But we go a step further and focus our efforts on positively enriching the local community and the environment, by the cultural exchange that our tours make possible.

With professional and active help of experts and students from Germany and other countries, BASIS is working on different environmental and social projects. The aim is to develop awareness and interest in initiatives like environmental protection, waste processing and waste disposal, traditional handicraft and a sustainable lifestyle. The following projects are given prime focus: tree planting, utilization of food waste as fodder, creating short-term temporary jobs and opportunities for local women to find work that they can do from home.

If you are interested in contributing your time on specific projects during your stay at BASIS, or would like to pitch in as an expert or an intern, full time or part time, you are most welcome.

EXPERTS WANTED! for Projects

Are you an expert in your fieldand want to contribute your knowledge and expertise in BASIS? We would be very happy if you do. Some areas in which your contribution would be much appreciated:

  • Renewable energy (solar, wind, biogas)
  • Industrial water recycling
  • Organic farming / mushroom cultivation / natural preservation / grafting
  • Designing gardens and landscapes.
  • Fashion Design – creativity in sewing and tailoring
  • Teacher of English and / or music
  • Art and Creativity – leisure activities for children and senior citizens in India
  • Special Education for Families
  • Exchanging recipes and knowledge of balanced diet

BASIS is a meeting centre for various handicraft initiatives and intellectual seminars. We also organize discussions and seminars in collaboration with associations, the local university, as well as with experts and students from abroad. Feel free to brainstorm your ideas with us and we will be happy to work with you on projects.

While at BASIS, you will have the opportunity to see and experience many facets of the diversity in the country; a revitalizing Ayurveda Therapy, day trips into different places, participation in festivities, and family visits. These will all contribute to you having a special time in India. If you wish or if the project necessitates it, we can plan out additional excursions and tours.

Please write and share your interests and ideas at

BASIS HANDICRAFT PRODUCTS: Please help STOP the rural exodus!

It has become the norm for the youth of Kerala to leave their place of birth and either work in other Indian states or abroad. We can’t really blame them as the state of Kerala has very few industrial enterprises which makes it difficult for even well-educated locals to find work. To this end, BASIS is committed to providing job opportunities for the locals right here. With that intent, BASIS manufactures products such as bags, aprons, office binders, college folders, notebooks and so on for sale in Europe. Through this we help locals, and especially women, to learn sewing and other handicrafts and thus contribute to the livelihood of their families.

Gifts for your company

If you are looking to buy affordable handicraft products or gift items for your company, we can do that for you. Send us a sample or idea and we will customise and create that product for you or give you a choice of patterns. Shipment of products is done by air or sea.

Product development at BASIS

Are you interested in volunteering with our team in the sewing school / bindery / wood workshops to develop and create new products locally, thus contributing to employment opportunities for local families? If you are, then we can organize a tailor-made itinerary for you and include this part of the Indian experience in your stay at BASIS.

For further information, write and / or call us. Send us your questions, ideas and interests at


Many activities of the “BASIS programs” are supported by internship students from Germany and abroad. Interns can stay and work on the projects in BASIS over a period of at least four weeks. Learning about another culture and the mutual exchange of ideas benefits both the interns and the locals. Collaboration with universities as well as publications as Bachelor – or Master theses have helped make this internship programs a great success through the years.

Are you interested in an internship in India?

Are you interested in an internship in the social, environmental, or tourism sector?

Please send your documents at