The Ayurveda healing journey is much more than a mix of oils and massages prescribed by a medicine man. The experience we will take you on is the authentic art and science of Ayurveda that is tailored to your specific need and health condition. Your personal Ayurvedic physician will take you through the ayurvedic diet, ayurvedic massages, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and appropriate Ayurveda medicine that are all part of the holistic treatment of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a tradition and a science that is not only a cure, but an experience designed to relax your senses and balance and stabilize the rhythm of your life. We guarantee that you’ll get the best of it.


The BASIS in Sreekandamangalam in southern India is a paradise of greenery and tranquillity set on the banks of idyllic backwaters. You are in safe hands as the competent and warm Moozhiyil family takes you in and eases you into the place that will become your home during your visit.

BASIS has been the recipient of numerous awards for travel in India. Among others, Basis has been awarded “Palme d’Or” of Geo Saison for “Ayurveda in India”. In addition to the authentic ayurveda experience provided through therapies, massages and diets, you will be able to absorb the Indian way of life through discussions and interactions that are unique to our tours; how they live, what they eat, what they believe in, what they wear and why they are who they are. This holistic experience is what makes our guests come back for more; more than 30% of our spa guests are regulars with us!


Competent and experienced local Ayurveda physicians will familiarise you into the science of Ayurveda and will care for you in the best way possible. These physicians are trained professionals who have many years of experience; the art and methods being passed on to them by their family over several decades. The herbal medicines prescribed by the doctor are freshly brewed especially for you, and the massages and oils are mixed keeping your particular complaint in mind. Special nutrition is also very important to the treatment, and is prescribed for the particular treatment you need; healthy, nutritious and tasty food that is unique to Indian cuisine. In addition, you will find many tranquil nooks and crannies in BASIS, where you can truly let go and let the gentle tropical breezes soothe your soul. We bring together all of these aspects to ensure a complete relaxation of body, mind and soul.


The Ayurveda centre, built in classic Keralite style, is set in a green oasis surrounded by coconut and banana trees and the evocative scents of the lush tropical plants of the region. Your diet routine, as prescribed on Ayurveda principles, will be breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and evening supper. The food is made of home-grown, freshly harvested organic produce and is prepared to perfection in the mild, versatile and delicious tastes of Indian cuisine. A perfect combination of the six tastes of sweet, spicy, salty, sour, bitter and acidic are ensured.


Your day is set in motion with yoga and meditation exercises. The art of relaxation will be explained to you by an experienced yoga instructor, who will assess your health and other factors and provide you with a customised yoga routine for every morning. You will exercise to the tunes of birdsong and take in nature in all its morning glory as you relax your body and mind.


Your treatment period will not be a boring, thumb twiddling experience. Rather it will be interspersed with day trips on Sundays, and rides and hikes that will energise you back to health. You can walk along the backwaters and banana plantations, and stroll through quaint little villages as you get to see the Indian way of life up and close. You can opt for a boat trip on the backwaters for a relaxing day or indulge in some shopping therapy in the little fabric shops to load up on some exotic Indian clothing. Or you can just sit back and relax into the evening events that will be arranged for you right at BASIS; Indian classical music and Indian theatre-dances that give you the true experience of classical dance forms and traditions.

You can also take a day trip to the famous port and commercial city Cochin. The old town of Cochin is home to one of the oldest churches and synagogues in India. Famous also are the Chinese-fishing nets that will fascinate you.


Ayurveda therapies are generally offered in the months from August to March. A period of treatment usually lasts 3 weeks or longer, depending on your clinical need. You will need to inform the doctor or the therapist right at the outset, of the period of time that you can dedicate for the treatment. This will enable him to formulate a treatment plan that will suit the time frame that is best for you and your health condition. You will be accompanied by an interpreter throughout the duration of your treatment so you can be sure nothing will be lost in translation. You are welcome to choose our Ayurveda treatment plans for as long as three months as per your liking.


1 AYURVEDA 2 weeks 75
2 AYURVEDA 3 weeks 70
3 AYURVEDA 4 weeks 67
4 AYURVEDA 5 weeks 64
5 AYURVEDA 6 weeks 61