About us


The ‘BASIS Programs’ (BASIS stands for Bio Agriculture and Social Improvement Schemes) is a village development work that has been around since 1989.

The various facets of the program include both agricultural as well as professional and social development. We also strongly believe in the importance of the knowledge that has been handed down through generations and work towards actively promoting it. The Program has been a role model and contributes significantly, either directly or indirectly to creating opportunities locally and promoting development in the state. It operates from the village of Athirampuzha, Kerala, India as its base. BASIS HOLIDAYS is one of the pillars of the BASIS Programs, and contributes significantly to the social and environmental related activities of the village. Part of the profits from the tourism flow to projects that promote local income and self-sufficiency. It also finances the training centres and small entrepreneurial endeavours and plays a role in raising the living standards of the local people.


After living in Germany for over 20 years, the founders of the BASIS Program Dr. Mathew (PhD Agriculture) and Leelamony Moozhiyil, returned to Kerala, India in 1989 with the intent of supporting their country on the path to modernity. Their careers as an agronomist and a nurse back in Germany was a great advantage to the BASIS program. But the real anchor that worked wonders for the program, is their rich, bi-cultural experience of life in India and Germany. Thanks to their kindness, generosity and their ability to act as a bridge between the German and Indian culture, Dr. Mathew and Ms. Leelamony have been successfully able to steer clear of mass tourism and stick to the values of the program.


In BASIS there are currently about 30 employees who work as full time and part time workers, along with several trainees. BASIS is an important employer in the village and also offers various informal training opportunities in areas such as tailoring, carpentry, metal workshop, livestock, household and entertainment. In the last 25 years, an average of 40-60 people have benefited from the BASIS training each year. The versatile, trained and competent staff have been with us for many years and will go all out to ensure that your stay in BASIS is especially pleasant.


We don’t content ourselves with giving our guests the “tourist’ experience. We make them part of the village community and give them the authentic Indian experience. Our trips are therefore designed to allow our guests to get to know not only the land but also its people. You will gain a basic insight into the Indian culture through discussions and conversations at BASIS. But the journey doesn’t end there; we take you right into the way of life of the local population, which is what makes this tour truly unique.

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, we are well tuned to the peculiarities and specialities of India as well as the expectations of our guests. Equipped with this knowledge we are able to seamlessly bring together the two cultures. The many repeat guests (nearly 30%) confirms the consistency and success of our approach.


The BASIS at Sreekandamangalam is located in the district of Kottayam and 80 kms away from Cochin International Airport.

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