BASIS Travel – Much more than just an exotic holiday in India …


India is fascinating because there is no other place like it. The uniqueness of the country extends to much more than flora and fauna; it is the vastly different lifestyle and culture that makes it so beautiful. The cuisine, spirituality, pace of life, design and functionality of buildings, meaning of Invididuum, family and (village) community, and so much more will fascinate and enthral you. Leave the worries and stresses of life back home far behind you as you step into the world of everyday Indian life.

Your hosts Mathew and Leelamony Moozhiyil, who have lived in Germany for over 20 years, will make you feel right at home. With their experience of both worlds, you can be sure you will never be lost in a sea of strangers. Your personal Indian adventure will be truly tailor made as they become your interpreters and guides, decoding the Indian perspective of life and its going ons.

Your hosts will take you straight into the everyday life of India. This is no mass tourism gimmick; you will get the real deal as you meet and socialize with Indians and get to know them in their own skin.

Responsible tourism

Ever since its conception in the 1990s, this family run endeavour became the confluence that brings the best of India to guests from German-speaking countries. While this has been our focus, sustainability has and will always be a very important factor at BASIS.

BASIS is committed to employing locals and creating employment opportunities for them; social systems are put in place for their benefit (pension, health care). Food comes primarily from private (ecological) cultivation. Sustainability is also ensured in architecture, which eliminates the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. Solar energy is tapped effectively by solar systems and water conservation is maintained through recycling. These are just a few of the many initiatives in place.

Travelling Season

August to March is when we throw open our doors for all you Indian enthusiasts who appreciate the culture and rich heritage of India, beyond just sightseeing and cocktails at the beach bar.