1. Biodynamic Agriculture

In 1989, the single crop cultivation on the family’s two-acre plot which consisted solely of rubber plants, was cleared and a mixed crop cultivation was ushered in. Palm trees, banana, papaya, mango, jackfruit, pineapple, pepper and various tubers and vegetables were planted instead. The success of this new method of cultivation was evident for all to see in just a few years making BASIS a model farm for self-sufficiency in the village. im Dorf wirken.

2. Waste management and environmental protection

In recent years, BASIS has grappled with the issues of waste management and environmental protection. India does have many shortcomings in this area, especially when it comes to issues like garbage disposal systems. BASIS has actively worked towards increasing the awareness of locals in this regard and usher in a sense of responsibility towards sustainability.

3. Gift a Goat project; Food waste as fodder and self-sufficiency of families

The Gift a Goat project was initiated in 2008. Since then, about 25 goat kids were given annually to underprivileged families. The goats helped the families in two ways: On the one hand, families can get milk and meat, and on the other hand the goats serve as an efficient garbage disposal system for daily kitchen waste. BASIS visitors can participate in the project and have the opportunity to co-finance a goat for a family.

4. Biological sewage treatment plant

In 2008, work began on the construction of a sewage treatment plant in BASIS. This was succesfully commissioned in 2010. Due to the natural cleaning process of this plant, the quality of the water was greatly improved to the point of its being fit for drinking; we use it for irrigation in agriculture and cleaning.

5. Organic farming

The commissioning of the sewage treatment plant in BASIS led to the introduction of organic farming to the villages surrounding BASIS. In this way, BASIS acts as a model farm for local farmers who generally favour conventional agriculture. We hope to inspire more to take the organic route.