June 2017

Sustainability- grow your own food

Sustainability begins at home: Hobby Gardening

Environment Day had everyone abuzz with what we could do to play our part in conserving the environment. #PlantATree was the most trending hashtag as everyone got on the bandwagon to save Earth. I am all for it of course and nothing soothes me as much as green in nature, but the full impact of our role in protecting the environment hit me only when I visited BASIS.

Sustainability is Mr. Mathew's way of life

Sustainability is Mr. Mathew’s way of life

Mr. Mathew Moozhiyil, the passionate founder of BASIS, is always knee deep in something green. A visit to their resort will show you the mind-boggling ways he devises to help Nature recover. The lush green properties stand testimony to the wonders that one man’s determination can achieve. The myriads of plants, the many ways to conserve water, the creative ways to upcycle – every turn in BASIS is a lesson in sustainability.

He is extremely passionate about each one of us doing our part in reviving our environment. We thought we would pay tribute to his passion through this series of blogs entitled “Sustainability Begins at Home.”


“In ecology, sustainability (from sustain and ability) is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. In more general terms, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes,” says Wiki.

To contribute to the “endurance” of Earth is a noble cause indeed and this series of blogs will help you implement it practically – in your own home.

Hobby Gardening

As an introduction to the series, I’d like to talk about Hobby Gardening. Gardening as a hobby- that’s what it is in a gist. To many of us, gardening sounds like a chore. “Leave it to the elderly” seems to be the general mindset when it comes to young corporates hurrying to get from A to B and back.  That’s the misconception though.

Gardening is actually something we need. Think about it: carving out a small portion of our day to reconnect with nature, spending a few minutes of silence with our hands in the dirt, watching a bud blossom because of the effort we put in, plucking out a few home-grown veggies to make a healthy meal. Worth it? I would say so!

Hard work?

Not really. You don’t have to get acres and acres of land or get down to landscaping the garden of your dreams. Start small, start with what you’ve got and before you know it, it will become the activity you look forward to and your go-to when you’re stressed.

This is what we will be discussing in this series. Terrace Gardening, Vertical Gardens, Aquaponics, Bottle Gardening, Indoor gardening and a lot more!

So this Environment Day, if you’ve planted a tree – way to go! But we are inviting you to do much more. We are helping you take up saving the environment as a way of daily life. Bring Sustainability to your home.

First Step

Get a pot home. No get a few! Go to your local directory and look up a nursery near you. And stay tuned. We will be talking a lot more on how you can get your very own garden started!

We are open to your ideas and questions too. Leave us a comment here if you want us to talk about something specifically or feature your idea or your garden on our blog.