BASIS stands for ‘Bio Agriculture and Social Improvement Schemes and was awarded the international TODO! Prize for its social efforts towards responsible tourism. BASIS maintains various environmental and social projects with the aims of promoting environmental awareness among the Indian population and addressing socially sensitive issues, thus breaking up social inequalities. For these social activities, the support group Foerderkreis India eV (Promote-India-trust) was founded in 1988. The project founders launched this trust together with friends in Germany and to everyone’s delight, many emergency measures and social projects have been carried out successfully since its establishment. The guests of BASIS-Holidays also actively support these activities.

If you are interested in a membership or want to make a contribution, please contact: Foerderkreis Indien e.V.(Promote-India-trust), Nordanlage 45, D-35390 Giessen, Germany; Donation account: IBAN: DE 18 5135 0025 0227 000951; BIC: SKGIDE5FXXX, Sparkasse Bank, Giessen, Germany; Purpose: BASIS Projects; E-mail: